“Dangerous Curves” and “Wedding Rehearsal Dinner” Gigs!

Dangerous Curves, Las Vegas

Friday night, “Dangerous Curves” (Margaret “Gret” Menzies, Karen Merstik, Lisa Smith) appeared at the Stirling Club, Turnberry Place, as the guest entertainers for the SWAN (Successful Women Actively Networking) Business Mixer.  Very fun!  They had a great turn out and we had many people come up to us afterward and say how much they enjoyed our performance (plus, we made some great contacts for future gigs!).  On top of that, we were even able to get several pre-sale orders on our soon-to-be-released CD!!  Overall, a very successful appearance. And I know I’ve said it before, but I absolutely LOVE performing with Karen and Gret…aside from their amazing vocal talent, they are both such great performers…really fun to work with.

Ron & Lisa with Anna & Tim (the Bride & Groom)

With Anna and Tim (the Bride and Groom) Following Our Performance

Following our performance though, Ron and I had to immediately pack up all the sound equipment and head out to Summerlin for another gig. It was for a wedding rehearsal dinner party, and Ron and I were hired to provide a one-hour show filled with music about love and relationships (the parents of the bride were the ones who hired us — they had seen Ron and I perform together at the Suncoast a few times, and got in touch with us through my site at Gigmasters).  It turned out great!  The bride and groom (Anna & Tim) were the sweetest, cutest couple, and everyone at the party was so nice!  We received a lot of complimets and even booked a possible Christmas Party gig from it!  I have such a blast every time I get to perform with Ron, and I am looking forward to doing MANY more gigs together!!  Some of the songs we performed last night include: It Had To Be You, You’re the Boss, Just the Way You Are, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Makin’ Whoopee, Get Me To the Church On Time, Fever, Endless Love, Unforgettable, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Together Wherever We Go, and more…  All in all, a tiring, but extremely prosperous evening!!

Are you a woman with her own business?  Visit the SWAN (Successful Women Actively Networking) Website

To hear audio clips and see photos of some of “Dangerous Curves” past gigs, visit the Dangerous Curves Website at www.DangerousCurvesLasVegas.com

To visit Lisa Smith’s GigMasters page and learn more about booking her and Ron, or Dangerous Curves, go to www.gigmasters.com/singer/LisaSmith/

Visit Lisa Smith’s performing website and see/hear video and audio clips: www.lovinjazzinvegas.com


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