Bad Dress Rehearsal, Great Show!

Rehearsal on Thursday.

Thursday's rehearsal at New Song Church...things were not going well.

Isn’t that the saying?

Well, we sure proved that one right.  To be totally honest, following Thursday’s rehearsal at the church, I was really worried whether or not we were going to be able to pull this show off at all (we were all forgetting lyrics like crazy, none of the talk spots had been rehearsed yet, I was personally having some voice problems, the song list was feeling VERY ballad-heavy, etc…).  But as it turned out, I worried for nothing… :)

In fact, the show ended up being a HUGE success on Friday night! Lyrics were tight, talk spots well-rehearsed, and the audience ended up LOVING all the ballads! And the church was extremely happy with the amount of people they had in attendance…between ticket sales, the several advanced copies of our CD that were purchased following the show, and additional donations that were made, we were able to raise a really good amount for the Alliance for Lupus Research! It was definitely a “feel-good” kind of evening…full of inspiration, tears and lots of heart-felt gratitude.  That’s what it’s all about!

Taken minutes before the show...

THE GIRLS! Taken minutes before the show...

SOME SONGS FROM THE SHOW (not in order):

INSPIRATIONAL SONGS: How You Live, When You Believe, Jesus Take the Wheel, Children Will Listen, Grateful

BROADWAY SONGS: Come To Your Senses, I’m Not That Girl, I’m Not Afraid Of Anything, For Good

DANGEROUS CURVES TRIO SONGS: Natural Woman, Love Being Here With You, Cape Cod, Cloudburst, Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Is This Anyway To Fall In Love, Faithless Love, I’m A Woman, Moon River

OTHER SOLOS: I’ve Got The Music In Me, Out Here On My Own, By The Way

To find out more about Dangerous Curves, please visit our website by clicking here!



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