Do You Believe In The Law of Attraction?

Our Lunch at Maggiano's

Karen Merstik, Lisa Smith, Gret Menzies - Our Business Lunch at Maggiano's

Last Tuesday, the girls of “Dangerous Curves” got together for lunch at Maggiano’s, at the Fashion Show Mall, to discuss our business plan for this next year.  First of all, what a great meal!  The chef at Maggiano’s is so amazing and he always creates this INCREDIBLE Gluten-Free version of their Chicken Parmesan and Pasta with Meat Sauce for me (he uses potato chips for the coating instead of bread crumbs).  I absolutely LOVE eating there!

Anyway, we talked through what we’ve accomplished so far since Gret joined the group and brainstormed a bunch of ideas about where we’d like to go in the future.  One of the possibilities we discussed was getting into the Symphony Gig scene.  Almost 2 years ago, when Kai was still part of the group, we were approached by someone from the Riverside Symphony Orchestra following one of our performances, asking if we had a symphony show and would we be interested in working with them.  At the time, however, we were not in a position to even consider it.  But, it has been in the back of our minds ever since…and now we feel like we are finally ready to start considering it seriously.  But where to begin? Putting together a symphony show is a HUGE deal and a lot of work…not to mention a lot of money.  How do we make the contacts…how do we know what exactly they are looking for?  A lot of questions…not sure where to find the answers yet…but we decide to put it out there in the Universe.

Jung-Ho Pak - Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra Conductor

Well, how much do you believe in the Law of Attraction?  Later that night, I get home from rehearsal with the guys (“Shades of Sinatra” has a gig we’re preparing for at the Gold Coast Casino at the end of October) and I find that I have a Gigmasters notification email.  It’s from someone named Jung-Ho Pak, the conductor/artistic director for the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, and he’s asking if I happen to have a symphony show prepared and if not, would I ever be interested in working with an orchestra.  Um…how weird is that?  So I email him back and let him that know that I am definitely interested, and that I also happen to have a female vocal-jazz trio if he’s interested in finding out more about that as well.  So we spend the next couple of days exchanging emails and talking on the phone…what a GREAT guy!  Seriously, one of the nicest people I have talked with in a long time.  Not sure where it will lead…we are discussing the possibility of me going there to sing with the orchestra for either a POPS Concert next summer, or possibly a Gershwin Show in a year or two.  As for “Dangerous Curves,” our biggest obstacle at this point is that we don’t have a lot of great video on us with Gret yet.  And in order to be considered by any of the larger symphonies, you need great video…or at least decent video.  So, for now, that’s one of the first things we need to get together.  In the meantime, we’ll keep getting more gigs here in town (trying to get some video from all of them), concentrate on finishing up our CD, and know that’s the type of gigs we are working toward in the near future.

As for me, I am really excited about the possibility of working with Jung-Ho.  He has a lot of great ideas and says he’s willing to sit down with me over the phone and talk through what would be involved in putting together my own symphony show…which is all new to me.  I know what to do here in Las Vegas…I already understand what the casinos and lounges here like (at least most of the time)…I know what Corporate shows need…but the symphony gigs are a whole different game.  Not sure yet where I fit into that…but I’m excited to learn!

To learn more about Jun-Ho Pak and the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra, click on the following link:


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