Mom’s Birthday Dinner at Maggiano’s!


On Sunday we picked up Ron’s mom and brother at the airport (they are visiting from Georgia through the New Year), and later that evening we all (including my mom and dad) went to dinner at Maggiano’s at the Fashion Show Mall to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  I won’t tell you what year this is for her, but it’s a BIG one! :)

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE this restaurant!  Chef Darrin is AMAZING and makes the greatest Gluten-free versions of his signature dishes for anyone who requests it.  We started with Mussels in a gluten-free tomato, basil (and I think Garlic) sauce that was to DIE for, and then my mom and I shared an order of Gluten-Free Pasta with Meat Sauce and Chicken Parmesan with a potato chip crust that literally melted in our mouths.

Dinner at Maggiano's!

Dinner at Maggiano's with the family!

My mother-in-law got a dish called “Mom’s Lasagna” (can’t miss with a name like that!), Ron’s brother Gary ordered Chicken Marsala, my dad had some chicken dish that he can’t remember the name of (but he said it was wonderful :) ) and Ron indulged in an incredible Lobster Fettuccine — of course, none of THEM had to order gluten-free…must be nice!!!  Although at THIS restaurant it doesn’t matter — even the Gluten-Free dishes are AMAZING!!!

After dinner, the waitress even brought out a complimentary Creme Brulee with a candle in it, especially for my mom, that we all shared.  Very nice!  And the best part??? The entire gourmet meal for six people (WITH 2 rounds of drinks) came out to LESS than $200!!!  Can you believe it???

Lisa and Ron SmithRon and I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant (whether you need to eat Gluten-free or not)!!!

To read more about Maggiano’s and their MANY locations across the country, please visit their website at


Dangerous Curves CD Release Party!

Margaret Menzies, Karen Merstik-Michaels, Lisa Smith

Margaret Menzies, Karen Merstik-Michaels, Lisa Smith

Last Saturday “Dangerous Curves” had our first CD Release Party to celebrate the official release of “Girl Talk!”  We had so much fun!!  And what a GREAT turn-out we had…so many wonderful friends and fans came out to celebrate with us. Being the last weekend before Christmas, and knowing what a busy time of year it would be, we decided to simply do the party as an open-house, from 12-5pm…which turned out to be the perfect idea.  We had people coming and going all day long!  Lots of food, lots of champagne, and lots of FUN!

And speaking of food, Karen and Gret did an absolutely AMAZING job preparing all the food.  Check out the olive and cream cheese PENGUINS Gret and her husband, Michael, made…talk about adorable!

Dangerous Curves CD Release Party!

We had our CD playing on the stereo all throughout the afternoon, and ended up selling WAY more copies than we even anticipated…everyone was SO complimentary.  We also made a few special presentations of gift CDs to some of those who were extremely instrumental in getting this CD produced: Stewart Daylida (who wrote out several of the vocal arrangements on our CD), Wayne Young (of Jon Wayne Productions, who did all the photography for our CD), and Rob Hyatt & Jerry Jones (who co-wrote the song “The Girl Who Used To Be Me” featured on the CD…plus we recorded everything for the CD at Rob’s recording studio, E3 Studios).

Dangerous Curves CD Release Party!

Pictured With "Dangerous Curves" Clockwise: Stewart Daylida, Sharon Owens, Amanda Brossman, Jerry Jones, Rob Hyatt, Wayne Young, Kellie Wright

Margaret (Menzies) and Michael Gonzalez, Karen (Merstik) and Dennis Michaels, Lisa and Ron Smith

Margaret (Menzies) and Michael Gonzalez, Karen (Merstik) and Dennis Michaels, Lisa and Ron Smith

Many, many thanks go out to all who attended, AND to all those who were invited because they have supported us in one way or another but were unable to make it due to prior obligations. We could not have accomplished this without ALL of your help throughout this past year! And, of course, a HUGE thank you to our sweet husbands, Michael, Dennis, and Ron. Without your constant love and support, we could not have done any of this…

We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL and SUCCESSFUL 2009 and beyond.  We wish you all the best, and a very Happy Holiday season!

Dangerous Curves "Girl Talk" CD!Visit our website at to hear a PREVIEW of our new CD and to order YOUR copy today!

Then send us an email at to let us know what you think!!!  We look forward to hearing from you…

Love, The Girls of “Dangerous Curves”

“Back To Broadway” at The Golden Nugget

Last Tuesday, Ron and I performed our “Back To Broadway” show (the 45-minute version) for the Towne Club of Las Vegas’ Holiday luncheon at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino.

(Click HERE to see a full description of our “Back To Broadway” show)

Ron and Lisa Smith present "Back To Broadway"

Ron and Lisa Smith present "Back To Broadway"

We were recommended to Anni Villches of the Towne Club a few months ago after we had performed our show at the ROWC (Retired Officers Wives Club) luncheon back in September (another great reminder to always carry business cards with you and hand them out after every performance…you never know how many gigs can come from it!).

In front of The Golden Nugget BEFORE our show...

In front of The Golden Nugget BEFORE our show...

What a great time we had!  The Towne Club group was so attentive and responsive throughout the entire show, and we received SO MANY wonderful comments from the guests following our performance.  In fact, we ran into many of the same ladies who had been at the Newcomers Club luncheon that “Dangerous Curves” performed at the week prior!

We performed our regular 45-minute “Back To Broadway” show, with a couple of changes made especially for the Holidays.  Here’s the run down of the show we did for them:

  • Putting It Together – Sunday in the Park with George
  • Come Back To Me – On a Clear Day
  • Stars and the Moon – Songs for a New World
  • Till There Was You – The Music Man
  • Lullaby of Broadway/42nd Street – 42nd Street
  • I’m Not That Girl – Wicked
  • Suddenly Seymour – Little Shop of Horrors
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Meet Me In St. Louis
  • Nowadays – Chicago
  • You’re the Boss – Smokey Joe’s Café
  • Stars – Les Miserables
  • What Kind of Fool Am I – Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
  • We Need A Little Christmas – Mame
Anni Villches, Ron, Lisa, Wayne Rogers

Anni Villches, Ron, Lisa, Wayne Rogers

After the show, Anni presented us with our check along with a special certificate as a thank you for our performance.  SO SWEET! She also posted a great client review on our GigMasters booking page.  Here’s what she said:

“We had 117 people at our Christmas luncheon and everyone was very, very pleased with Lisa and Ron….they were very liked and a lot of people will recommend them to other functions. I wish them the very best in their future endeavors.” ~ Annie Villches, Town Club Activities Director

We ended up handing out a BUNCH of business cards after the show, and many of the guests mentioned that they wanted to recommend us to other groups around town.  OKAY!

Ron and I would like to send out a few of our own “Thank You’s”:

  • To Wayne Rogers for doing such a great job with the sound
  • To Bryce Robinson for video taping the show for us
  • To Janet Rogers for helping schlep the sound equipment around :)
  • To Margie (of the ROWC) for recommending us to the Towne Club in the first place
  • To Anni, Delores, and the entire Towne Club for being so appreciative.  We had a GREAT TIME!

Ron and Lisa Smith: Performing at the Suncoast Hit Parade!

Ron and Lisa Smith at "Hit Parade" Show

Ron and Lisa Smith at "Hit Parade" Show

On Thursday. Ron and I were the special guests on the “Hit Parade” Show at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.  We performed a 20-minute guest spot featuring the music of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme.  Considering they have each had successful careers lasting more that 50 years, it was difficult to decide which of their MANY hits to include!  Oh my goodness, so much GREAT music!!!

But we finally narrowed it down, and here’s what we ended up doing:

  • SIDE BY SIDE – Ron and Lisa (2:30)
  • GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL – Ron (2:30)
  • TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT – Lisa (2:30)
  • DARN IT BABY, THAT’S LOVE – Lisa and Ron (2:30)
  • PRETTY BLUE EYES – Ron (2:00)
  • IF HE WALKED INTO MY LIFE – Lisa (3:35)

In between each song, we also included short talk spots all about the life and extensive careers of Steve & Eydie (both as a duo and as solo artists). We also had a live band to accompany us, which was awesome! It was Ned Mills (musical director for Shades of Sinatra) on keys, Jiggs Hemsley on sax & flute, and Cliff (this was the first time I met him…but he was great!) on drums.  Very fun.

I have to tell you though, I now believe that Eydie Gorme may quite possibly be one of most under-appreciated singers out there.  In preparing for this show, I came across some of the most AMAZING performances on tape of any female singer in the business.  Seriously, the woman could SING!  I don’t know how many people really give her credit for just how great she was!  In fact, there are a couple old videos on YouTube that I highly recommend you check out (and I guarantee, you will have a brand new appreciation for Eydie Gorme and her MEGA-talent)!

Check out Eydie singing “If He Walked Into My Life” by clicking here:

Or Eydie Gorme singing “I Wanna Be Around” on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson in 1966 by clicking here:

Anyway, we had such an amazing time, and the audience at the Suncoast was incredible (but then again, they ALWAYS are…the Suncoast really is one of my absolute favorite places to play!).  I’m just really bummed that we weren’t able to get the show video taped. Usually they have someone there to tape, but for some reason he wasn’t there this past Thursday. :-( Oh well…c’est la vie.  Anyway, we had a great time, and really look forward to performing our tribute to the music of Steve and Eydie again somewhere else in the future!

“Dangerous Curves!” Our NEW CD Release and Gig at The Orleans!!!!!!

Wednesday was a FABULOUS day for the fabulous girls of “Dangerous Curves!”  First of all, it was the day that our new CD “Girl Talk” was officially released!  Woohoooooo….FINALLY!

In fact, you can visit our website at to hear a preview of what’s on the album and to order your copy today (as an added BONUS, you can even get FREE shipping if you order soon)!

Dangerous Curves "Girl Talk" CD!

Dangerous Curves "Girl Talk" CD!

Getting ready to do our show at the Orleans!

Getting ready to do our show at the Orleans!

Also on Wednesday, Dangerous Curves had an awesome gig at The Orleans Hotel & Casino for the “Westside Newcomers Club of Las Vegas.”  Very, very fun!  It was a holiday party for about 200 women, and they were such an appreciative audience!!  In fact, Karin (the Vice President of the group) even called me the next day expressing her gratitude AND sent us a note afterward saying how thrilled she was, writing…

…I could not have been more pleased and received far more positive feedback from attendees than for any other event I’ve arranged. Thank you so much.

Karin Loverud, Vice President, Westside Newcomers Club

Isn’t that nice???  Yay…  We did approximately 45-minutes worth of music, and we had a blast!  A big thanks to my wonderful hubby, Ron, for helping to set up and run the sound for the show, and to Michael (Gret’s sweet husband) for running to pick up the CD’s, hot-off-the-presses that morning, so we could have them to sell at the gig!

Dangerous Curves next event is our CD Release Party, next Saturday, December 20th, at Karen’s house. We’re having an “open house” from 12pm-5pm.  If you are in the area, please join us for champagne, hors d’oeuvres, conversation and CDs!  Make this holiday a curvaceous one by enjoying some real live “girl talk.”

Visit our website’s calendar section for address and more information on our CD Release Party:

“Shades of Sinatra” at Suncoast Hotel and Casino, New Year’s at NOON!

New Year's at NOON, with "Shades of Sinatra!"

New Year's at NOON, with "Shades of Sinatra!" Dec 31, 2008

Tuesday the 9th was FULL of rehearsals for me!  First Ron and I had a rehearsal with the Hit Parade Band at Ned Mill’s house for Thursday’s “Steve & Eydie” show (will talk about that show in another post), then we had a final rehearsal for our Wednesday “Dangerous Curves” show at The Orleans Hotel (see post above :) ), then on to Carmine’s house for rehearsal with “Shades of Sinatra” for our up-coming show on New Year’s Eve at the Suncoast.

I have to say, I am REALLY looking forward to performing at the Suncoast again with Shades…can you believe it’s been more than 6 months since we did our full hour-and-a-half show there!?!  And we should get a really good crowd that day…from what I hear, ticket sales are going quite well so far!  We’ve even added a couple of new songs just for the occasion!!!

Anyway, if you are in the area and would like to see a GREAT show on New Year’s Eve in the AFTERNOON, check out “Shades of Sinatra” at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino, main showroom!

Visit our website for more information and to watch our 2-minute video demo:

To purchase tickets for New Year’s at NOON, visit the Suncoast Showroom Box Office website:

Performing Arts Society of Nevada’s “Holiday Celebration”

With Kellie Wright after the "Holiday Celebration" at the Flamingo Library

With Kellie Wright after the "Holiday Celebration" Show at the Flamingo Library, Dec. 7th

Last Sunday, Ron, my Dad and I went to see our friend Kellie Wright in the Performing Arts Society of Nevada’s annual holiday fundraiser show at the Clark County Library Theatre on Flamingo. With a cast of over 20 different performers from the Las Vegas area presenting 22 different Christmas numbers, there was definitely something for everyone…and the crowd seemed to really love the show.  And while everyone in the show did an admirable job, there were a few performers who really stood out and, in my ever-so-humble opinion, stole the show.

Domenick Allen & Cayleigh

Domenick Allen & Cayleigh

First and foremost were Domenick Allen (former lead singer of the band “Foreigner”) and his adorable, and very talented daughter, Cayleigh Capaldi!  Oh my goodness…LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the number that they did together.  It was a beautiful and touching arrangement of Daddy’s Little Girl, Toyland, and Ordinary Miracles, which I am assuming Domenick arranged himself…there is seriously no end to this man’s talent.  We saw him last Christmas in “Clint Holmes Unplugged Holiday Show” at the Sahara Hotel, and were absolutely blown away by him!  If you get a chance to see him perform somewhere, I highly recommend it!!

My second favorite performer in the show was actually my friend Kellie Wright (thank GOODNESS she was fabulous, because I would have felt terrible not being able to mention my own friend :) )!  But seriously, her jazzy, bluesy rendition of It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas was one of the BEST numbers in the show.  I know what you are thinking…”how in the world could THAT song ever be jazzy and bluesy?”  Well, I don’t know either, but somehow Kellie was able to do it, and it was truly FAB!!!!  You go, girl!!!

A few others who deserve a nice mention were Philip Fortenberry (currently the associate conductor for “Jersey Boys” at the Palazzo) doing a GORGEOUS holiday arrangement on piano, Randall Peterson (from Bally’s “Jubilee”) who did a very nice job with Winter Wonderland, and Dolly Coulter (former cast member of “Hats!” at Harrah’s, “Tony and Tina’s Wedding” at The Rio, and currently performing with “Killian’s Angels”) who was surprisingly great on Oh Holy Night. And please don’t take that the wrong way…the ONLY reason I say “surprisingly” is that it wasn’t a song I would have expected her to do…but she SANG it…boy, did she ever! Really great!

And I can’t forget to mention Joan Sobel, whose rendition of Ave Maria was absolutely among the BEST I have ever heard.  WOW!!!

There were of course several others who did a great job as well, but these were the one’s who stood out to me the most.  Overall, a very enjoyable show and a great beginning to the Holidays!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

To learn more about Domenick Allen, please visit his website at

You can check out Kellie Wright’s website at

Visit Dolly Coulter’s website to read about the ORIGINAL MUSICALS she’s working on with her writing partner Bert Anderson Jr!

To learn more about Philip Fortenberry, visit his website at

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Getting started...

Getting started...

Today we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house!  With fabulous Christmas music coming from the stereo and glasses of eggnog in hand (well, actually it was SOY-NOG…sounds disgusting I know, but surprisingly turned out to be quite tasty!), Ron and Daddy and I set to work.  Decorating the tree has always been one of my absolute favorite parts of the Christmas holiday.  When I was a kid, that included going to the lot to pick out the PERFECT tree as a family…there was something so wonderful about having a “real” tree…I just LOVE the smell of fresh-cut trees!

Well, nowadays we don’t exactly drive to the lot, pick out a tree, and strap it to the top of the car anymore…we simply go out to the garage, drag in the big box, and assemble our artificial tree from SEARS…and maybe spray a little evergreen-scented room spray into the air for effect.

Halfway there...

Halfway there...

But no longer doing the “real” tree thing, doesn’t mean I look forward to this day any less.  In fact, having the same tree every year means that now we have the process down to a science and can assemble it really quickly (and as a bonus we can leave it up for as long as want…no pine needles to clean up!) and spend the bulk of our time on the really FUN part – the DECORATING!

I love all the memories that come flooding back as I look at the various ornaments we’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ve been collecting fun Christmas ornaments for the last 20 years and now Ron and I do it together.  We have an ornament from almost every vacation we’ve taken together (our cruise to Mexico, our get-away weekends up to Mt. Charleston, our trip to Disneyland), and we try to find a special ornament for each new thing that happens in our life (our first Christmas together, when we adopted our dog Daisy, each new job we get, when we became directors with Heritage Makers…this year I got a special ornament for myself and the girls commemorating our “Dangerous Curves” CD which is coming out next week!).  Plus, every year since I moved away from home, my mom has picked out and given me a special Christmas ornament, AND we’ve received many others as gifts from friends over the years.


So we’ve collected quite a few…and each and every ornament has a story behind it…and we put on each and every one!  No ornament left behind. :) And with the hodge-podge of meaningful, yet completely un-matching Christmas ornaments, our tree does tend to look a bit more “Charlie Brown” than “Vogue”…but we LOVE it!!! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” la la la la la…

Putting on the last ornament!!!

Putting on the last ornament!!!

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”