Leticia’s Mexican Cocina – Good for Gluten-Free!

As many of you know, I am always on the look-out for FANTASTIC new restaurants who are able to safely accommodate those who need to eat Gluten-Free. Well, I am SO happy to announce that I have found a new one and, after eating there 3 times now, I can ABSOLUTELY recommend it! It’s Leticia’s Mexican Cocina, located in the Centennial area of North Las Vegas. Truly delicious, AUTHENTIC, Mexican food…amazing Margaritas (1/2 price at the bar during Happy Hour, 2-6pm Monday – Thursday)…VERY accommodating & friendly wait staff…in short, a GREAT restaurant all around and PERFECT for those who need to eat gluten-free!

Here’s a description of the restaurant from their website:

“The experience begins at the door as a warm, personal, and sincere welcome is offered to each patron.  Indoor dining or al fresco on our stunning patio will define your experience and bring you back to the warm family experiences of your youth. Enjoy the outdoor air on our charming patio while the sounds of mariachi music flows from above. Our Mexican Restaurant is dedicated to making your experience one you will want to enjoy time and time again. Located in an attractive, picturesque village, Leticia ’s Cocina will create a sense of family, fun, entertainment, and community…our dining experience reflects the age-old tradition of Tu Casa, being treated like you were part of the family. Your table service and wait team pay special attention to your dining experience as if you were in old Mexico.  Your salsa and sauces are made each day with fresh produce which is roasted and blended with the perfect combination of ingredients that will send your senses for a journey through Mexico.  You will smell the aromas through-out our Mexican Restaurant as our hot delicious tortillas and chips are served to your table….the only restaurant in the Centennial area whose menu reflects the rich and deep authentic family style Mexican food and service of traditional Mexico. Our Mexican Restaurant offers a fully stocked bar which serves Margaritas that are made to order with fresh squeezed limes and other top ingredients that will compliment any meal. For you beer lovers we also have a wide range to choose from served with your choice of a chilled glass or mug. Tequila! Yes our bar boasts over 50 types (and growing) of tequila. Ask about our tequila club! With a capacity of over 200, old Mexican Colonial decor, music, weekend entertainment, sports, and cultural events scheduled throughout the year, you will soon define Leticia’s Cocina as the location to celebrate special days in your life.”


Keep in mind, obviously, that everything on their menu is NOT gluten-free…however, I would say that you could safely eat at least 50% of the items on the menu, provided you talk with your server and/or the manager about your needs prior to ordering. Each time I went, the wait staff was EXTREMELY helpful in going through the menu with me and discussing my various options. Unfortunately, any of the fried items are off limits, as they don’t have a dedicated fryer as of yet. However, there are TONS of other “safe” items on the menu, and their fresh tortilla chips are cooked at a close by, off-site location so there is no risk of cross-contamination there.

I would like to say that I have tried LOTS of different items, but the gluten-free version (make sure you ask for it “gluten-free”…they alter the sauce slightly) of their Grilled Top Sirloin Steak Fajitas with Corn Tortillas was SO GOOD that I have ordered it EVERY TIME!!!! Absolutely yummmmmmmmy!

So I would LOVE for you to check out this great, little restaurant and let me know what YOUR favorites are! Let me know which gluten-free items you’d recommend and I will absolutely add your recommendations to this blog post!!!!

Leticia’s Mexican Cocina
7585 Norman Rockwell Lane, Suite #1
Las Vegas, NV 89143
(702) 445-7722