Gig at Addison’s Lounge, Rampart Casino

Last weekend, Friday, February 5th, I had the opportunity to sing with the wonderful Gary Olds Trio (Chuck Hoover on keyboards; Jeff Davis on bass; Gary Olds on drums/vocals) at Addison’s Lounge, Rampart Casino, over in Summerlin. What a great night we had! The room was absolutely packed and the crowd was awesome. To be honest, I was a bit worried going in because the casino had accidentally switched the dates in their advertising and some people came expecting to the group “Sixties Sensation” (who were actually there THIS weekend instead), but it turned out to be a really good thing. Mostly because it gave us the opportunity to play a HUGE range of styles (Jazz Standards & Big Band Music, R&B & Motown, Country & Blues, 1950’s-60’s Pop Oldies, etc.)…they loved everything we did, which was GREAT!

Here’s a little video I put together from that night:

As you can see, it was a lot of fun. And what a FABULOUS little venue that Addison’s Lounge is! The drinks are very reasonable, and they have LIVE music in there every Friday and Saturday night (can’t say that for very many places anymore). You can see a schedule of upcoming groups by clicking HERE.

The other really great thing about that night is that Ron got off work early enough to come and join my mother and me there (Ron did all the video-taping…so sweet :)). Just want to say a REALLY BIG thanks to the extremely TALENTED Gary Olds for bringing me in on the gig. I had an AMAZING time…you guys were a blast to play with! Um, let’s do it again real soon, okay??? Hee, hee…

New Year’s Eve: Gigs, Gigs, and more Gigs!!!

New Year’s Eve was a VERY busy day from start to finish!  Ron and I headed to the Suncoast Casino at 7AM for soundcheck/rehearsal for my “Shades of Sinatra” gig at NOON first.  It was such an early call because it had been since July that the entire cast and band had performed the full 1.5 hour show together…so obviously we needed a bit of rehearsal (plus we added a couple of new songs, especially for New Year’s Eve, that needed some run-through).  Turned out to be a GREAT show!!!  Very fun, and we had a FULL house!  Of course many of our “regulars” were in the audience, but it was fun to also have so many newcomers in the audience who had never seen the show before.  Lots of great compliments and many new fans!

1) "Shades of Sinatra" Promotional Photo; 2) With the family AFTER the show!

1) "Shades of Sinatra" Promotional Photo; 2) With the family AFTER the show!

Following the show, we grabbed some lunch at Wendy’s (chili and baked potato….Mmm, Mmm good!) and headed over to the Rampart Casino for another gig…this time as special guest singer with the Gary Olds Trio at Addison’s Lounge. What a GREAT band….can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

Following that gig, we drove downtown and the family dropped ME off at the Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay for my DIVAS UNDERCOVER gig and dropped Ron off at the Paris Hotel for his special event (he was hired as a host/announcer for their special Rewards Members’ New Year’s Eve Party…he got paid WAY too much money for WAY too little work…but I’m certainly not complaining! :) ).   My gig on the other hand was a bit more work, but lots of fun and also very good money.

Emily Thrasher, Gret Menzies, Lisa Smith; 2) DIVAS Poster; 3) Champagne at Mandalay Bay AFTER gig

1) DIVAS UNDERCOVER: Emily Thrasher, Margaret Menzies, Lisa Smith; 2) Our DIVAS Poster; 3) Champagne at Mandalay Bay with Gret AFTER the gig

I was filling in for their regular DIVA Jennifer Joseph (some of you may remember her from Wayne Newton’s “The Entertainer”…I was filling in because she had a gig at the RIO Hotel NYE night) and Gret (from “Dangerous Curves”) was filling in for DIVA’s regular Kellie Wright (who was busy with a band gig in Primm that night).  Considering 2 of the 3 DIVAS were subs, I have to say we kicked A–!  The audience loved our show, and it was so much fun to perform with Emily again (we used to work together at Le Provencal Restaurant years ago…girl can SING!!!!!!). Plus, it was great to work with Blair Farrington (producer/director/choreographer) again…he is such a great guy and an awesome talent!

After the show (which fortunately got done early, by 9pm!!), Gret and I walked over to Mandalay Bay for some champagne and to wait for Ron to finish his gig (since Gret’s husband, Michael, was performing with “Rich and Famous” at Blue Martini that evening, Gret didn’t have to be anywhere right away).  At about 10:30pm, I met Ron and his brother Gary and we drove back to my folk’s house for more champagne and to watch the New Year’s fireworks on TV.


Overall, a thoroughly EXHAUSTING  but wonderfully FABULOUS day!  Very fun from start to finish.  Idon’t know about the rest of you, but I am certainly looking forward to 2009.  I really feel like this is going to be a GREAT and SUCCESSFUL year for all us…no where to go but up!

HAPPY 2009 EVERYONE!  God bless…

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