Heritage Makers NEW Website and Templates!

Good morning everyone!

Just wanted to take a moment to announce the exciting news that Heritage Makers (online, digital scrapbooking & publishing company) has a brand new website and incredible new templates available!!

Heritage Makers NEW Website!

Heritage Makers NEW Website! (click on the image to check it out!)

As many of you know, Ron and I used to work full-time as founding consultants & directors with this great company.  Over the past several months, however, as I have become much more involved with my singing career again (my first LOVE….well, after Ron of course :) ), we have decided to take a huge step back, and now we do it strictly part-time…just for the FUN of it.  We have chosen to concentrate simply on helping people complete and publish their own storybooks, custom cards, posters and calendars (rather than on building a team) and have now become more “personal storybook coaches” to our clients and friends.  This is the part I always loved the most anyway…the “creative” part!  While it was nice to also “bring home a paycheck” occasionally, that’s never what it was really about for us….it’s always been about the AMAZING products and services this company has to offer, and the incredible Mission behind the company (strengthening homes and families with the heritage enriching power of Storybooking).

12x12 Individual Scrapbook Pages (click on the image to view ALL products available)

So, if you’ve never checked out Heritage Makers before (or if it’s just been a while since you last visited the site) click on one of the links below to check it out…you’ll be glad you did!

Visit the Heritage Makers Website www.MyKeepsakeBook.com

View NEW Templates Available for Premier Members: CLICK HERE

See How “Heritage Studio” Works: CLICK HERE

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